What men love in bed?

Traditional relationships which still perceive men to be the drivers in the bedroom affairs are not only outdated but absolutely boring. As much as men are known to be dominant and power-hungry, it is not all black and white. Men appreciate respect as much as women do and also desire love, pampering and to be showered with tenderness even by surprise. Ideally, men are so much like women in bed, they want to be pampered, and they desire to be dominated and asked to make out instead of the woman just lying around and waiting for the man to initiate romance.
Here some useful tip on what men really desire in bed.

1. A prepared woman

It is might not strike you as important, but is really important to men that their woman takes the mating for what it is, that is a special form of bonding. Preparing for sex is not only about buying condoms, spreading the sheets and making the bedroom tidy. Men want a woman attention a 100 percent and a genuine interest. This is necessary to spark the chemistry and make the anticipation build up better and intense.

2. Praise

Men like to be appreciated as much as women do. Between making their partner happy and delivering at their day job, men are always under pressure to perform. Since promotions and recommendations come rarely at work, men love appreciated in the bedroom since it is the only place they can lay bare and express themselves and give their all. Praising him for pampering you boosts his ego for the better.

3. Spontaneity

There is nothing as boring as having sex in the same place in the same way all the time. Men want a woman who can show flexibility and give to exploring new positions and bring dynamism into the bedroom. In reality, men want a woman who can take charge and drive the sex into a un experience riddled with some dirty talk, kinks like blindfolds and namely as well.