Benefits of Nuru Massage

Nuru Massage, also known as slippery massage has increasingly become widespread and common among massage therapy seekers. Its use of the natural Nuru gel and tantalizing techniques proffer various benefits on both the physical body and the mental well-being of the recipient.

First, Nuru massage stands out from other forms of massage therapy from its naturist approach. It relies greatly on skin to skin human contact. The masseuse attends the client by sliding their body gently releasing soothing sensations stroke by stroke. It is such a wild and enjoyable stimulation that comes with unfettered manipulation of body parts in a synchronous and intimate touching riddled with pleasure and delight.

Nuru massage is much more than just a sensual massage. It is more than an attempt to empower sexuality. It is conveniently administered by use of a natural gel that nourishes the skin and hydrates it with moisturizing vitamins. The Nuru gel is actually formulated to replenish the skin and bestow skin tenacity for a glowing look.

Nuru massage is also a powerful source of heightened blood circulation and enhanced detoxification. The body’s natural flow of blood and circulation around the body gets more efficient from the arousal that comes with sensual touching of Nuru Massage. This means that the cellular activity of your body that relies on aerobic nourishment work more efficiently and boost your energy levels. Similarly, the detoxification process of the body that relies on the lymphatic system drains better and more effectively through the contraction and relaxation of muscles and body tissues. The result of the muscle contraction and relaxation help in the elimination of fat deposits on the skin and blood vessels which cause cellulite. Nuru massage is powerfully a therapeutic experience with a combination of blood circulation and detoxification benefits to boost the function of the immune system and stress levels.

Nuru massage is originally a Japanese culture technique to relief the body from stress. From the sensual touch, Nuru Massage delivers a celebration of the senses of touch and sexual stimulation. Every single touch is designed to produce a vibration in the body to unlock the flow of energy just like yoga does. The reaction from such stimulation produces a great coordination of the nervous system and the capacity to awaken to the desire of sensual pleasure in its full capacity.

The use of aromatherapeutic scents and music awakens the sense of smell and a calming effect for the enjoyment of the present moment. Therefore, it promotes mindfulness and creates a connection with the present to undo restlessness. Nuru massage is truly refreshing and leaves the recipient feeling relaxed and free from physical tension and mental stress. It is literally a dose of unbeatable health supplement.